ADR Courier

Licensed to carry hazardous goods under ADR regulations

Clent View Carriers are among the few local couriers that are also licensed to carry hazardous and dangerous goods under ADR Regulations up to 1200kgs (From a tin of paint to Sodium Cyanide) in the following Classes (We also hold a Waste Carriers Licence):

Class 2 - Gases 
Division 2.1 Flammable gas,

Division 2.2 Non-flammable gas and non-toxic gas

Division 2.3 Toxic gas] 

Class 3 Flammable liquids 

Class 4.1 Flammable solids

Class 4.2 Spontaneously combustible substances

Class 4.3 Dangerous when wet

Class 5.1 Oxidizing  

Class 5.2 Organic peroxide

Class 6.1 Toxic substances

Class 6.2 Infectious substances 

Class 8  Corrosive substances 

Class 9 Miscellaneous dangerous goods